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The Underground Man

"..with love one can live even without happiness. Even in sorrow life is sweet; life is sweet, however one lives."

- Fyodor Dostoyevsky

From Strength to Strength

The Underground Man have to be one of the most interesting independent, unsigned bands on the Polish scene. In their short history, they have already notched up a string of successes: participants and eventual winners of the Orlen Warsaw Marathon Jam Session; a live performance at the renowned Agnieszka Osiecka Studio on national Polish Radio 3’s Offensywa; airplay on national and regional radio; headline slots at the LAF Film Festival in Zwierzyniec and Wszystko Gra Festival in Zamosc, and participants in this year’s Hejfest Festival. In October 2016, The Underground Man also won two prizes at Skoda Auto Muzyka.

Third Single & EP Re-Release

Their debut, self-released EP “From The Basement” has just been re-released in bonus edition with two extra tracks.

Their 3rd single “Hysteria” sees the band expanding their horizons working with Krakow producer OZD (aka. Łukasz Drozd) and continuing their collaboration with the talented music video director Michal Braum (Artur Rojek, Lemon Zakopower, Hey, John Porter).

In addition to this track a live performance of “Meet Me By The Corn”, recorded at Radio Lublin in early 2016, has also been added to the compilation.

Who is The Underground Man

Based in Lublin, Poland, The Underground Man is a British-Polish band of four musicians fronted by welshman Gafyn Davies. Arriving in Lublin in 2010 to record his debut solo album “Broken Romance”, he was soon joined by Darek Hanaj (drums) and Dorota Turkiewicz (keys) who both played key roles in the recording of his album. Wanting to explore other sounds, and later joined by Radek Barszcz (bass), The Underground Man was created.

The TUM Sound

The Underground Man is a British-Polish band of four musicians based in Lublin, Poland and fronted by welsh-born Gafyn Davies, who arrived in Lublin in 2010 to record his debut solo album “Broken Romance”. Darek Hanaj (drums) and Dorota Turkiewicz (keys) played key roles in the recording of this album and wanting to explore other sounds, together with Radek Barszcz (bass), The Underground Man was created.

The sound of The Underground Man is an amalgamation of widely differing musical styles with each of the members of the band coming from different musical backgrounds and each adding their own personal flavours to the mix. The result: a mixture of raw tones that cohort with dashing synth melodies while dark landscapes waltz with thumping rhythms.


The aim is to create an atmosphere, to take you to the darkest corners and and then shine a light. We want you to go away and wake up the next day with that melody still buzzing around your head. A melody that won’t go away, but then, you don’t want it to. You just want it to sit there shining its light and putting a smile on your face

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